How we think of ourselves and the way we want others to think of us is reflected in the way we act and dress. Clothing impacts our relationships, influences our acceptance by others and is a source of enjoyment.

It is also places a continual demand on our resources.

An effort to plan your wardrobe is extremely worthwhile. We all have closets full of but nothing to wear.

Clothing is accumulated without a plan which is why we have so much.

During Wardrobe Planning and Assessment I will show you how stapel pieces in your own wardrobe can be worn in many different ways.

I will also put together combinations you may not have known existed, ti make full use of what you have.

You will let know if it is your entire wardrobe or an area you wish to focus on.


  • Make the most of clothes you already have.
  • I will put together looks using a fresh interpretation of your existing wardrobe.
  • Shop more efficiently-you will only buy what you really need which will save you time and money
  • Maximise your wardrobe. I will assess your wardrobe for staple pieces and create new looks
  • Define and expand your existing style.
  • Obtain a record of your favorite looks.
  • I will take a photo of all the items you have tried on and give you written notes of what is needed.
  • Obtain a wider selection of polished outfits
  • Feel satisfied you are getting more from your wardrobe.
  • Feel empowered by your styling tips.
  • Have fun discovering new outfits and save money

380 CHF