My love of Fashion started at a young age.

My mother was a fabulous Couture seamstress and as a young girl, I would walk into my Mothers atelier and for me, it was a magical place to play and touch beautiful and intricate fabrics.

Growing up, my Barbie dolls were all immaculately dressed to resemble Oscar De La Renta models. My love for Fashion continued to grow and I studied Fashion Merchandising and Design and later Interior Design. I was then hired by Holt Renfrew, one of the top Fashion stores in Canada.

My Mentor at the store was a woman with both great style and a sharp business sense. I remember she used to say, ‘Impossible is not impossible. You have to make it happen.’

Spending time at the store was a learning curve for me because for the first time I was learning and listening to what women wanted. I loved observing customers and how they tried on new pieces, and how they transformed right away by simply changing a little detail in their outfit. It is in that moment that I realized that I was much more interested in timeless elegance and style rather than the latest trend piece.

This is how I started to view my job as a Stylist as a way of empowering women, helping them slip into the best version of themselves. The way a woman dresses affects the way she looks at herself in the mirror and also how she values what she sees.

For me it means never forgetting the woman in the dress.

My motivation to start my own business came later in life, after my daughter grew her own wings and flew from the nest. My confidence in Styling grew as a result of what I studied but also as I traveled and was exposed to Styles around the globe.  After moving to Switzerland I realized I wanted to do something for myself, something that would not only make me really happy, but also something that had the power to affect other peoples lives in an uplifting way.

My business started by creating an online consignment Boutique buying and selling pre-owned , authentic Designer Handbags, Accessories and Jewelry. And now the business has grown and evolved to Personal Styling, Image Consulting and Closet Detoxing.


I am a very dynamic person and I like to help women of all ages and stages of their life to explore fashion and dress with ease confidence and style.

In the last few years since starting Style-Etc.Boutique,  I have noticed that the first thing women sacrifice after starting a career and family is the way they look. Slowly they lose sight of the attractive and genuine woman they once were by neglecting little significant details about their wardrobes. I try to work with what women already have existing in their closets to create new looks for them that can take them through the week.

I am not saying that your value as a woman only exists in the way you dress or in your beauty but, I am saying that the way you take care of yourself shows others how much you feel you are worth.

For me the best part of my job is how life changing this experience is for women. The change starts on the inside and becomes evident on the outside. Clients feel more self assured and confident and complete. This gives me the greatest pleasure. Its a gift they keep long after I leave.

Style means personality. It means unique presence and how you mix and match pieces. Not necessarily being on the pulse of the latest trends, but being able to walk forward in your very own style.